Arbitration Settlement – Pay Periods to be Adjusted

SSECCA News November 23, 2016General Info

Last week SSECCA leadership took a grievance all the way to arbitration, and out of that came a settlement that will benefit all of our PT members in particular.  As you may be aware, normally before spring break and winter break the PT employees at ECC have a pay period that is only one week long followed by a pay period which is three weeks long, which leads to some irregular paychecks.  This is something we’ve regularly gotten complaints on from our membership, and the good news is that you will no longer need to worry about it – going forward all pay periods will be two weeks in duration!

As of right now the official payroll calendar has not been updated to reflect the arbitration settlement, but on December 12th expect to have a two week pay period instead of the one week pay period that is currently posted.  That pay period will be paid on the January 6th pay date, so keep an eye out for that pay advice and please contact your Area Rep if you have any questions or concerns.

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