Have you voted?

SSECCA News November 2, 2016General Info

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to vote.  Beat the crowds and vote early in this very important election.  Even if you are sick of all the nonsense going on in the presidential election, our state elections have a very real and very direct impact on all of us working at ECC.  So get out there, tell your family, your friends, and your neighbors to all vote!  If you’re not sure who best represents your interests in the state and local elections, the IEA has you covered – be sure to check out their recommended voter guide.  All of these candidates are pro-labor and pro-education, and were selected by locals all across the state.

Early voting is faster and easier than voting on election day, but there are fewer places to choose from.  Here is info on a few local early voting locations with places and times:

If you have further questions, just Google for your county name plus “early voting” and the first hit should take you right where you need to be.

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