IL Government Passes Stop-Gap Budget, including $114 million for Community Colleges

With mere hours to go before the end of the fiscal year, the dysfunctional state legislature managed to get a six month stop-gap budget together, passed through both houses of congress, and signed by the governor.  The temporary measure will ensure schools open in the fall and the road construction projects do not come to a sudden halt, but there is no new revenue (apart from increased property taxes to pay for Chicago Public Schools) and still a lot of work to do.  For now our state leaders seem happy to punt on a full budget and wait for the outcome of the November elections.

Higher Education was not left out in the cold this time, and around $1 billion was allocated for state colleges and universities.  This includes $114 million for community colleges and $151 million for MAP grants.  It is uncertain at this point how much ECC will see of this money or how it will affect our impending layoffs, but SSECCA leadership will be following this very closely.  The board estimated that we would see $1.4 million from the state in the FY 17 budget that was approved in June, so that is the baseline.

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