IL Legislature Passes Temporary Higher Ed Funding

Today, state lawmakers finally passed an emergency higher education bill, appropriating $600 million to be split between state universities and community colleges.  The funding is intended to keep schools open through the end of the summer.

Under the measure, universities will split $356 million while community colleges will split $74 million.  Chicago State University is treated separately, and will receive $20 million – 60% of what it was slated to get under the Democratic budget.  Additionally, $170 million will go to scholarships for low income students.

While the measure is welcome among higher education institutions, it is no replacement for a proper budget.  However, GOP leader Jim Durkin has doubts that further funding will be forthcoming this year.  “The only thing I’ve made a commitment with is to work with the Democrats on human services,” said Durkin.

Read more over at the Chicago Tribune.

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