Our Mission

“A dynamic supportive organization for its members providing high quality service”


SSECCA values the students, staff, faculty, administration and District 509.


SSECCA strives to achieve a better form of conflict resolution by listening to its members’ concerns and provide a positive dialect with members to promote cooperation and credibility.  SSECCA makes itself more accessible to its members by broadening its scope to all departments of the college.  Through positive leadership, SSECCA continues to seek fairness and always encourage greater professional respect, dignity and integrity.

SSECCA helps it s members by keeping information in their hands, to always keep the lines of communication open.


SSECCA will be the liaison between administration, staff, faculty and the public by working as a team.  SSECCA strives for a positive working relationship with administration and the public to encourage the involvement of employees in the planning and direction of their work, recognizing that the college’s success depends on the full contribution of all employees.

Collective Bargaining

SSECCA is empowered to negotiate contracts and to protect the rights of our membership in the workplace by promoting the welfare of the membership, and to provide a voice in the determination of the wages, terms and conditions of employment.


SSECCA encourages and supports members in their educational efforts by bargaining for training opportunities and monetary reimbursement.


SSECCA has the responsibility to maintain the utmost level of integrity by adhering to the highest standards of honesty, consistency and fairness in all its actions.


SSECCA embraces diversity and to be fair in all its negotiations in regard to the diversity of its membership.

Professional Excellence

SSECCA strives to maintain high standards of excellence in leadership and professionalism.  The membership will have a strong dedication to each other and most importantly to the students of ECC.

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