SSECCA Special Membership Meeting

SSECCA will be hosting a set of special membership meetings to discuss the state of the school’s finances and the impact on our bargaining unit.  Please attend one of these meetings if you are able to.  The dates, times, and locations are:

  • Tuesday, June 7th @ 12pm noon, in the J Building Events Center
  • Tuesday, June 7th @ 5:30pm, in the Community Room
  • Wednesday, June 8th @ 5:00am, in the Community Room

If you are able to attend one of these meetings during your normal work shift, the time will be administratively granted – no benefit time or union release time will be required.

Please note: this meeting will be open to full members only.  Fee payers will not be allowed to attend as they do not have a voice in our union.  We will not be doing full member signups at the meeting time, so if you are a fee payer and wish to attend, please contact your AR or our membership officer (Alex Mao) ahead of time to sign up.

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