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SSECCA is an organization of many accomplishments over the years and we hope that this site will enhance our ability to accomplish that which is most difficult… providing timely information.

“Our hope is that you will find the SSECCA website a useful tool and one that you will visit often.”

As we grow, we are finding that ARs are having difficulty seeing you each in a timely manner. Our schedules are such that many of us work a variety of hours and in many different locations. We hope that the website will provide you with information and communication that each of you deserve. But, your AR should still be you first point of contact with any questions, concerns or issues that impact your working conditions.

A Trivia Snippet

SSECCA was first certified in 1985, after organizers Susan Spengler-Abell and Grace Hunt had spent many months educating and persuading staff that to organize would bring strength and growth for the support staff. In organizing and having a voice, i.e. the right to express an opinion and a process in which to act could be provided for all full members. With that dream, SSECCA is here and working on your behalf.

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